Wolverhampton shops still give old pound coins in change

September 9, 2017 11:01 AM
By Bryan Lewis
Originally published by City of Wolverhampton Liberal Democrats

We have till 15th October to spend the old £1 coins before they go out of circulation.

From October 15, shops can refuse the old version of the coin yet instead of putting them one side to return to the Bank of England they are still giving them to customers as change.

When challenged on this the sales assistant at the Wolverhampton branch of a leading national DIY store chain said "We have been given no instructions about the old pound coins."

A Treasury minister has merely urged businesses to do their part to make sure shoppers are not given more of the old coins.

Wolverhampton Liberal Democrats' Treasurer has contacted the bosses of the company and asked Old pound coinsthem to instruct their employees to withdraw the old coins from circulation and only give customers the new 12 sided coins.