Strong and stable my arse!

As polling day approaches, the 'strong and stable' government promised by Theresa May seems to be in tatters. It is no longer possible to be sure what she stands for. It is clear that ill-thought-out policies will progressively reduce the Tory lead, but not to the point where she can use the 'fear factor' of Corbyn as Prime Minister to convince voters that they must vote Conservative to save the country from this threat.

The Economist has endorsed the Liberal Democrats one week out from polling day. It says they "consider a vote for the Lib Dems as a down-payment for the future." The influential magazine argues that "the leaders of both main parties have turned away from a decades-old vision of an open, liberal country" leaving only Tim Farron and the Liberal Democrats representing the large majority of British voters who want to live in an open, tolerant and united Britain.

Theresa May doesn't think you're worthy of her time. Don't waste yours giving her your vote.

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But, what have the Lib Dems ever done for us?

What have the Lib Dems ever done for us?

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