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  • Vince & Jo
    Article: Aug 9, 2017

    An outline of how we aim to achieve liberal democracy in South Staffs

    We want to improve democracy is South Staffs. Living in a one party state cannot guarantee equity. Neglecting infrastructure may be good for our council tax but at a time when Brexit will cost us 8,400 jobs (according to the council), we need to assure our local economy as well as safeguarding services to young people and health and social care.

    Over the next five years we will be challenging Parish and District Council positions to ensure that decisions being made properly support the needs of all of the electorate. If we are seen as adding real value to the region, we will significantly increase our share of the vote.

    We will learn from other local parties, some of whom are financially self sufficient. We will look at a range of opportunities to raise funds so that we can challenge any election at any time.

    We have the expertise we need within our local party already but as we grow our membership we can ensure wider involvement in local politics and in the party structures up to National.

    We will campaign within each part of South Staffs so need representation in the areas we do not have members. This includes local canvassing, campaign coordinators and nominations to stand for parish councils. Tell us what your issues are and we will include them in our campaigning.

    The implications of Brexit, underfunding in health and social care and services for young people are clear. We will campaign against anything that reduces the standard of living for our citizens, whether it is removing the triple lock on pensions, trading partnerships that undermine our local economy or lowering funding for schools.

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    Article: Jun 5, 2017


    May went into this election expecting a coronation but scrutiny destroyed her poll lead. Vote today for a . Vote LibDem

    The Liberal Democrats manifesto is written in consultation with Young Liberals, an organisation of party members under the age of 26. Young Liberals campaign on issues affecting young people, champion their views, shape party policy and host events throughout the year.